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Birthdate:Jan 7
Location:United States of America
23. She/Her/Hers. Nerd. Geek. I have a general tendency to love on everything and anything. Often a bit ridiculous, I love food, fans, discussion and meta. You will find I am a child at heart with a weakness for good plot, great characters and intelligent and beautiful writing. Tender-hearted, gentle and kind protagonists are my everything but I have a weak spot for those compassionate and caring shonen determinators.

Interests (55):

adele, adventure/action, all the fictional women you hate, anime, battle royal, beyonce, books, broadway musicals, brooklyn nine nine, captain america, certified ninja trash, children's lit, classics, coming-of-age fantasy, criminal minds, culture, disney, dorky dudes and awesome ladies, dystopian future, fall out boy, fandom, fantasy, feminism, fic, food in general, good omens, harry potter, haruki murakami, history and other various things, jane austen, kickass ladies, ladies coming into power, legally blonde, magical girls, maroon 5, musicals, mythology, netflix, nicki minaj, one piece forever, political intrigue, pretty much everything, prince of egypt, queen's thief, royalty and their loyal knights, ruthless queens, sci-fi, studio ghibli and miyazaki, sweets and baked goods, team 7 love, the flash tv, the kings speech, unimportant fic details, writing, ya lit
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